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Leading newspaper and magazine publisher, Archant, launch new multi-title platform giving users access to over 35 monthly magazine publications. Subscribers are able to read the latest magazine or explore an extensive archive of over 650 past magazine issues all in one central place.

The new digital solution has been developed to be optimised across all devices, accessible via a dedicated kiosk iOS and Android app or a completely responsive website. This multi-platform solution allows subscribers to access their downloaded editions on all of their devices wherever they are.


Archant had a clear and well thought out brief. They wanted to create a digital solution intended to drive circulation by increasing cross title readership and attract a new audience by lowering the cost barrier for readers to try additional titles. They identified a number of core target crossover areas where Archant acknowledged great potential to attract a new audience, especially internationally.

“Our recent digital marketing activity has focused heavily on new ways to expand our reach and drive circulation. Born from this, Magazine Club gives us the opportunity to market our magazines in a new and exciting way and by combining our titles into one service it gives us a highly engaging proposition for our readers. The ability to create the platform to our own custom requirements has resulted in a service that will increase the LTV of our existing subscriber base whilst simultaneously attracting a new audience.”

Chris Scarle, Digital Magazines Manager

The new solution is packed with PageSuite’s innovative features such as an individual subscriber login integration, in-app rich push notifications, full branding, offline reading and much more. All available for just £4.99 a month, with the ability for the subscriber to read as many different titles and editions as they wish.


Archant’s new solution launched last week and currently offers 35 monthly magazine publications with the ability to view 650 archive magazine editions.

Magazine Club offers the ability to combine individual titles and target particular groups, opening a new marketing opportunity for Archant while providing a better experience for readers.

The Magazine Club App is available to download at

The mobile responsive website can be found at