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62% of Brits Now Read and Download Online News, Newspapers and Magazines

October 27, 2015 | Lucy Penn

62% of Brits Now Read and Download Online News, Newspapers and Magazines

It has recently been announced by comScore, that the digital newspaper audience has grown twice as fast as the internet in the past twelve months.

The rate at which the digital audience engaged with newspaper content peaked in August of this year, at an impressive 179.3 million adult unique visitors. This is a 10% increase recorded in twelve months and is double the growth rate of the Internet as a whole, which only recorded a growth of 5%!

The data also revealed that half of digital newspaper audiences are composed of those who only use their smartphones and tablet devices to access digital newspapers, rather than print papers. It has been confirmed that eight in ten people use their smartphone to access online news, proving the importance of establishing a successful smartphone app strategy.

Composition of Newspaper Digital Audience by Platform Type: August 2015
(Adult Unique Visitors)

Mobile-Exclusive: 50%
PC (Desktop/Laptop): 27%
Both PC and Mobile: 23%
Source: comScore

The newspaper digital audience grew more than twice as fast as the overall internet audiences for the following age ranges: 18 – 24, 25 – 34 and 35 – 44. The growth rate was notably large among younger age groups, as unique visitors grew by 16% over the past twelve months for 18 – 24 year olds, while the internet only grew by 6% for this age category.

Share of individuals reading and downloading online news, newspapers or magazines in Great Britain from 20017 – 2015

2007:     20%
2008:     34%
2009:     39%
2010:     39%
2011:     42%
2012:     47%
2013:     55%
2014:     55%
2015:     62%
Source: Statista