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Apple News Arrives in the UK!

October 28, 2015 | Lucy Penn

Apple News Arrives in the UK!

Apple’s News app is now available in the UK for iPhone and iPad users and provides you with “all the news you want, right where you want it”.

News has been designed to act as a personalised newsfeed aggregator for digital media, so you no longer need to move between apps to stay informed! The newly introduced app combines “the rich and immersive design found in print with the interactivity of digital media”, which allows the reader to enjoy wonderfully crafted articles that fully reflect the style of the publication it is coming from.

Apple’s News acts as a replacement for Newsstand, and allows users to explore a huge selection of topics from various sources, and choose their favourites so that they can receive the news that exclusively interests them. The more you read, the better the app understands your interests and news needs for future updates and recommendations.

Some of the UK partners for News so far, include The Telegraph, Financial Times, Conde Nast, The Times and Sunday Times and The Sun; with plenty more household names developing solutions for Apple’s latest news offering.

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