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Crafts Magazine Release New PageSuite Infinity App

October 21, 2015 | Lucy Penn

Crafts Magazine Release New PageSuite Infinity App

We are delighted to unveil Crafts magazine’s new Infinity App which is now free to download onto iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. PageSuite Infinity enabled Crafts to create stunning digital replicas of their print editions.

With more than 250 issues, Crafts magazine is the go-to publication for those with a passion for contemporary craft. Each issue provides the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of craft by exploring the latest movements and discussing the role craft plays in society today.

Using our pre-designed Infinity template ‘Single Feed A’, Crafts magazine are able to showcase their vibrant range of editions within the app. Subscribers are able to swipe along the interactive library to download and read their chosen issue. Once downloaded, the editions can be conveniently read offline. Users are also able to swipe through the colourful pages with ease and can use our pop-up page selection menu to skip to their desired page.

The ‘Single Feed A’ template also enables Crafts magazine to supplement the app content with a single news feed. Live articles are pulled straight from their website via an RSS feeds, to ensure the content is always up to date and consistent.

“This month, we launch our free app and first digital subscription available on iPhone, iPad and Android. It’s free to print subscribers but is available to everybody else for as little as £4.99; giving you access to the last two years of back issues, which are searchable and interactive. It’s a resource that promises to grow in the coming weeks and months.” – Grant Gibson, editor Crafts magazine.

To find out the latest in the world of contemporary crafts, click below to download the app!

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