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PageSuite Develops New Infinity App for ViVi Magazines

December 4, 2015 | Lucy Penn

PageSuite Develops New Infinity App for ViVi Magazines

Here at PageSuite, we are thrilled to announce the release of the ViVi Magazines Infinity app! The app is completely free to view across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and offers twelve different magazines within each monthly edition to cater to ViVi’s varied audience.

ViVi Media chose to use a custom template to suit the versatility of its publications. They took full advantage of the various tools within PageSuite’s Infinity solution to enhance their content. In using our Edition Editor tool, ViVi was able to include links within the publication’s contents page so that users can jump to their favourite title. Users are able to choose to view different magazines within the monthly publication and can choose from categories such as; health, beauty, education, business and travel. ViVi also adapted their use of the Edition Editor to suit each magazine. For example, ViVi Fashion magazine features ‘Buy Now’ buttons, these take the reader to external retail websites where they can buy the items of clothing or accessories featured within the editorial. ViVi Food and Wine features play buttons next to meal recipes and when clicked, these direct the user to video tutorials. After closing the external windows, the user is then able to resume their place within the app. This is an effective example of how the tools within PageSuite Infinity can be used to supplement content and enrich the user experience.

The director of ViVi Media, Darren Guest, commented on the reception of the app. He said “Our move to use Infinity and take our digital publications from desktop to smartphone app is proving a great success. Clients are really embracing it for their marketing with the knowledge that more and more are using a mobile device for news and entertainment. Readers are giving us loads of positive feedback.” He added “We are looking forward to working with Pagesuite to improve the app in order to give our customers a better digital experience”.

ViVi Magazines can be downloaded and read offline at your convenience. Click the links to download the app for FREE: iOS | Android