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Spotlight on ‘Takeover Ads’

October 12, 2015 | Lucy Penn

Spotlight on ‘Takeover Ads’

The final post in our ‘Advertising Series’ explores the innovative concept of ‘takeover adverts’. More and more publishers are deciding to implement takeover adverts within their solutions to enhance their digital advertising strategies.

The growing popularity of the takeover ad stems from its non-intrusive nature, despite its obvious presence amongst the content.

Takeover ads typically wrap round an entire article within an app, creating a border or frame effect. The advert almost appears as a ‘skin’ and is usually featured on high-traffic pages. Takeover ads have proven to be successful amongst app users as they do not obstruct their view of the content or interrupt their in-app experience. ‘Yahoo!’ reported that, when compared with banner adverts; there was a 67% increase in the average user dwell time for takeovers[1].

The example below shows a takeover ad framing an article. This was implemented using third-party integration. The advert effectively creates a border-like appearance without interfering with the content.

Our ‘Advertising Series’ has explored just a few of the different advertising formats available to publishers; there are many more advertising formats to consider. PageSuite’s flexible toolset enables clients to implement a range of alternative ad solutions into their apps. For further examples of ways to monetise your digital solution, click here to download our ‘In-App Advertising’ White Paper.