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Target Users with Rich Media & Geo Location Push Messages

November 11, 2015 | Lucy Penn

Target Users with Rich Media & Geo Location Push Messages

PageSuite Infinity’s Rich Media & Geo Location Push Messages allow your marketing efforts to be more targeted than ever before. You can carefully and methodically send alerts to users based on their location & you can also send richer content that’s far more likely to engage your users.

Rich Media Messages

If you choose ‘Rich Media Messages’ you will be able to send links or images directly to the in-app inbox that sits within your app.

rich media

The screenshot above shows the message inbox to the right and the opened message to the left. Publishers can use this as an advertising tool, as a way to send richer notifications or as a way to send special offers via a URL link.

Publishers can send a standard text notification to encourage their readers to open the messages within the in-app inbox.

Geo Targeted Messages

Target users who are in a specific location, outside of a specific location or as they enter or exit a fixed location.

This highly targeted method enables you to send and schedule very specific messaging that is far more likely to resonate with your app users.

For example, you could set a target area around a sports stadium so that your app users receive a highly targeted message as they approach the stadium. There are numerous commercial opportunities!

geo targeted messages

Using Google Maps you can set your target area. Both Google and Apple recommend that a minimum ‘fence size’ of 100 meters is set, we have therefore set this limitation.

You can then simply write your message and control the message settings.

Both Rich Media Messages and Geo Location Messages are available as bolt-on options with PageSuite Infinity. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.