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The Independent Showcases Fiat 500X Animated Interstitial

October 19, 2015 | Lucy Penn

The Independent Showcases Fiat 500X Animated Interstitial

Amidst the flow of article pages within The Independent app, readers will find the latest animated interstitial advert for the Fiat 500X. Although the ad is vibrant, it does not interrupt the user’s viewing; instead it becomes an interactive element of the app content.

Upon clicking on the advert, the user has the opportunity to explore two different styles of the Fiat 500X. Users are launched into a multi-dimensional ad, whereby they have the option to click on several tabs to explore various features of the car. The advanced functionalities within the advert effectively imitate an in-app experience.

The video above shows the ability to flick through photo galleries, view videos and have a 360 degree view of the car. The user is able to simply press the back arrow to resume their place in the content stream and move onto the next article.

The Fiat 500X interstitial is a classic example of the innovative advertising solutions becoming increasingly prevalent within our clients’ apps. This particular example was integrated using a third party solution. Animated adverts are a great way of boosting user engagement and driving ROI.

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